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Vik Arrieta

Never knew exactly what I wanted to do in my life. I mean, I always wanted to do everything. Since I was little I felt that the infinite possibilities of the world assaulted me, pulling me at the same time towards the four cardinal points, as if it were possible to divide into bits and run captive behind every stimulus like a cat chasing a butterfly. One thing was clear: he wanted to arouse emotions. I grew up admiring writers, musicians, illustrators, singers, actors and artists who, with a gesture, turn the energy of the world into a pure explosion. Pure love. I wanted that. I always thought he was more powerful than banks and governments. But it seemed impossible to want so much ... until I understood that the key to everything is in the imagination: that is where all the infinite possibilities of the world live.

Today I am editor, illustrator, writer, director of Monoblock Industry of Imagineering and host of Pecha Kucha Buenos Aires. I have a ukulele. I like mountains and forests, travel and cooking. I am an advocate of joy and I believe that the most powerful mantra is love.And, above all, I believe in the Power of Imagination.