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Agustina Tocalli-Beller

I was born, raised and studied in Argentina. I continued to studya lot in Canada. So much so that one day, after a long fieldwork and thesis, I got a great diploma: Doctor in Education and Linguistics (M.A., Ph.D. *). These credentials have given me opportunities for incredible jobs, conferences, publications and research that do not cease to amaze and enrich me. The same thing happens to me with another title that I also obtained in Canada: being a  Mum. They gave it to me the first day of school, although I knew immediately that I would never graduate. The "mother's career" is the longest and most demanding of my life. That's why I decided to learn from my best teachers: my four children. Every day, I listen to them and take note of what they say, I talk with my husband and so I draw good conclusions and lessons to create stories that can strengthen theirs and mine. KaZuRá is one of them.