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Griselda Gálmez

Griselda Gálmez is an Argentine author. She spent her childhood in Tres Arroyos, her teenage years  in Bolivar and currently resides between the City of Buenos Aires and El Durazno, in the mountains of Cordoba. She is a professor in Letters,  dedicated to teaching and preparing teachers in order to promote reading both in Argentina and abroad. She writes and directs plays for children and teenagers, such as Vamos al Mundo, Amor, pans and thieves, and has coordinated theatrical activity in educational institutions. For her narrative work she received, among others, the prizes Leopoldo Marechal and Fantasía Infantil, and distinctions such as the inclusion in the picture of honor of Children and Youth Literature for his work Candelaria.

Her poems and stories are in numerous anthologies and school texts. Some of her books are Candelaria y los monstruos, La almohada que canta cuentos, Esmeralda y las frutillas, El hada del zapato, La guerra de los Armandos y Playa Soledad. If you want to know more about Griselda go to