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Olga Drennen

I liked reading as a girl. It seems I was a little "swallow". I loved the books and play that I was Sandokan's girlfriend. She admired Jo, that of Little Women, because she became a writer.

But I did not want to be a writer because I had trouble writing. I do not say books, I say words like "bear", for example. But well, as no one is born knowing, one day I learned and here I am, as a writer; And even won some prizes.

I write poetry, short stories and novels. Some of my books are Shadows and tremors, Merlina and the dragon, Come and see, Down with the fears! And Ardio Troya, among others. I also translated charming stories like The Wizard of Oz, and some of horror like Where the ghosts live.

I am a mom and also a grandmother of a pretty naughty girl who does not stop flipping books with me. I love having her as a partner to have fun with words and stories. You see, in my life, that did not change.