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Iris Rivera

Serious lady -sometines- born in Buenos Aires in the last century and last millenium. Wife of Jorge, mother of Martín and Andrés, and grandmother of Joaquín, Tomás and Emma (at least for now). Among the things she learnt there are several skills: riding a bike (she can show it), swimming (that's why she hasn't drown so far) and blowing thistles (it wasn't easy at the beginning but she's improving). She keeps learning to read and write (it's not as hard as blowing thistles but it's still difficult). She's the author of The tree house, Mr. Medina, The girl of the little stamps, Family air, Ink monkey, In the tool box, Haiku, Baldanders, Hungry bug, At the tip of the tongue, Witch hands and... and... it seems she's not satisfied yet.

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