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José Montero

José Montero was born in Buenos Aires in 1968. He is a journalist, writer and screenwriter of cinema, theater and television.

For boys has published The trap, The indiscreet screen, Twenty stories of terror, Hidden stories, The lava lamp, Do not wake the dead kitten, Fear travels in collective, Boedo's pulentas, a football and love story, Do not lo Try in their homes and urban Mysteries I and II, among others. For adults, he is the author of the novels The Blackmailers and Robberies and Thefts.

As a journalist, he currently collaborates in Mundo Gaturro and Brando magazines. Her screenplays The pure lie and Report on Laura were awarded by the Venezuelan Ministry of Culture and by the National Fund of the Arts of Argentina, respectively. In theater he won the First Prize of the Edenor Contest for La Napa (2003), a mention in the National Bicentennial Contest for La Perrera del Oso (2010, with Griselda Gambaro, Ricardo Monti and Mauricio Kartun as jurors) and Estrella de Mar 2015 To the best alternative Theater show by inverted Pyramid.