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Grazia Deledda

(Nuoro, 1875 - Rome, 1936) Italian poet and narrator whose novels , linked to the rural and archaic traditions of her native Sardinia, earned her the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1926. Since the Sardinian environment could not offer her the possibility of regular study, because the studies were forbidden to the women of the time, the writer was forged a self-taught culture.

Deledda's writing is not easy to catalog. Her romantic and, in a way, adolescent temperament recreated arguments taken from the oral histories of the island where she was born.

She began to publish in the magazine La última moda. Her first book of success was "En el azul". She then published “Paisajes sardos”, “Almas honestas”  and "Elias Portolu", which consecrated her as a writer.