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The mysteries surround us once again and these six stories by the hand of José Montero will leave you breathless. Phantasmagorical invocations in front of a mirror in the dark, Egyptian papyri able to revive the dead, catastrophic transmutations from the bottom of a laundry like any other, gold teeth discarded among the ruins of an old sinister house, will lead you to want to escape from the the deepest of the darkness that floods the city. Do you think you can flee? You can get on one of the collectives that run through the dimly lit streets and you'll feel safe ... but you'd better buckle up: a delirious group that seeks to alter the time may be your final undoing. In his fourth and overloaded delivery of Urban Mysteries, José Montero returns to demonstrate that the most addictive stories are, at times, the ones that cause us chills facing evil.

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14 x 21 cm



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