Urban mysteries III

José Montero

Patricio Oliver

AR$ 490,00

What do the streets of Buenos Aires hide at night? Maybe he's on the loose, a gray-haired worker who, when he comes out of work, horribly attacks people for an unsuspected reason. Or maybe the consequences of a not so innocent joke. They may hide the gentle artist who shapes clay pieces and discovers his more violent side or a carnivorous tortoise that can never satisfy his hunger for meat. But when you think that there is nothing that can surprise or frighten you, you will meet the maniac who throws people in the underground and nothing can protect you. José Montero invites you again to tour the city through stories that will make you tremble and cut your breath. Are you willing to accept their invitation and endure the terrible consequences?

Suggested from:
Jóvenes lectores


14 x 21 cm



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