I learn with Coco - The numbers from 1 to 20

María Pía Arrieta

Miranda Rivadeneira

AR$ 2.150,00

The numbers 1 to 20, offers the numerical exercise of the numbers in  everyday uses, as well as an introduction to the basic concepts of addition and subtraction.

As a complement, they present simple and fun color illustrations that will accompany the learning process of the child. This book is meant to learn, to make mistakes and to try again!

The Wise Monkey Collection introduces different elementary concepts for children's early school years, in an agile, fun and easy-to-understand way. Through the various titles and always guided by the character of Coco, the monkey, various activities are presented in a playful tone without losing the main objectives of learning: the clear and correct teaching of concepts and their application.

Suggested from:
4 years old


21 x 30 cm