I learn with Coco - Graphics

María Pía Arrieta

Miranda Rivadeneira

AR$ 2.150,00

Graphics, offers children a series of activities that will teach them the basic movements to work the graphomotor: the graphic movement that we do with the hand when writing or drawing. With full-color illustrations and cute and funny characters, the simple activities and according to their age, will allow you to have a first contact with writing.

This book is designed to learn, make mistakes and try again!

The El Mono Sabio Collection introduces different elementary concepts for the first school years of children, in an agile, fun and easily understood way. Through the different titles and always guided by the character of Coco, the monkey, various activities are presented in a playful tone without losing the main objectives of learning: the clear and correct teaching of the concepts and their application.

Suggested from:
3 years old


21 x 30 cm