Do girls like silly boys?

Lucía Chevalier

Fernando Baldó

AR$ 690,00

Facundo turns 14, the long-awaited moment when he would finally become "an adult". Or at least that's what he expects. But nothing comes out as he wants: his body has not changed, his family still sees him as a child and his best friend puts him in trouble with a "surprise" birthday party.

All the guests are friends from school except for a special guest: Sofia, the new neighbor. Between music, laughter and nerves, when he approaches Sofi, Facu does not get a word out and can not help but be foolish. But this situation will not be his only concern that night ...

A story full of intrigue, fun, love, friendship and a unique look about being a teenager that the author Lucia Chevalier brings us in her first novel: Do girls like silly boys?

Suggested from:
13 years old




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