The lighthouse of Daedalus

Gloria Candioti

AR$ 1.960,00

Valentin, Oracio and Luciana are three friends who live in a closed city where everything is organized for the welfare of citizens. Nothing is missing, but they are restless and are not so happy with their quiet and orderly lives. One day Valentin finds, hidden in a box, a tourist guide and believes that in those pages there is a message from his grandfather, disappeared in a strange way seven years before, that invites him to follow him out of the city. The three friends rush to decipher that message that will take them to meet the old Daedalus, his lighthouse and an unimaginable adventure. Thus, they will be forced to decide that they are willing to leave to know the world behind the barriers that isolate and protect them. Gloria Candioti, author of Hola Princess, published by this publisher, brings us a new dystopian adventure that will test the reader and take him to travel through other possible worlds.

Suggested from: 
11 years old

Theme of the Book: 
Adventure - Travel


14 x 21 cm


Theme of the Book: 

Theme of the Book: