The mysterious case of the inspector Severo Valenzuela

Maryta Berenguer

Santiago Oddis

AR$ 1.450,00

Martín and his friends, Fede and Pili, are vacationing on the beach when they find a new mystery to solve. At the request of the mayor of the city they have to investigate the disappearance of all clams on the beach. With the help of a great character, Don Vito, an old filibuster who lives by the sea, and his dangerous greyhounds they will face a number of difficulties, including the mysterious presence of Inspector Severo Valenzuela, a suspicious man whoworks in the Municipality of Villa del Cielo.

Maryta Berenguer, author of the saga The Time traveler, The mysterious case of the magician Vladimir Panasoff and What I´m telling you is not a tale! invites you to read a new police novel, adventure, love and mystery, with the humor and the exciting situations that characterize her work.

Suggested from:
10 years old


14 x 21 cm