AR$ 445,00

Mika and the West Adventurers of the Floresta neighborhood just want to have fun at the camping trip they go to, by the end of the year. They know nothing about indigenous peoples or legends of the Argentine northeast. However, unexplained episodes will happen as soon as they arrive in the Iguazu National Park.

There, through echoes and shadows that are no longer there, nature will awaken a Guaraní mythological character who will guide them to unveil a dark secret.

We only need to know if Mika, Claudio, Haitiana and the Cascaciruelas will be able to recognize the language of yvy póra.

This novel by Nerea Liebre brings together all the elements of adventure storiesmixed with the tradition and culture, as well as with their myths, from a fun point of view, full of emotion and in favor of the preservation of nature.

Suggested from:
10 years old


14 x 21 cm