BELGRANO! The glourious light blue and white!

Ariel Sevilla

Paio Zuloaga

AR$ 580,00

Melina and her cousin Agustín are in trouble: she must compose a poem about colors for a writing contest and he must present a new and original cartoon for his work ... but no one knows where to start!

Until they remember a brave lawyer and military who participated in the May Revolution and created the light blue and white flag that would unite an entire country. Thus, the two leave in a journey between archives, books, photos and old memories to meet Manuel Belgrano, his struggle, his thoughts, his ideas and the difficulties that happened in his way to help in the formation of our country.

Belgrano and his glorious light blue and white will guide them as they did with the country that was born after May 1810!

HISTORIATÓN tells the Argentine story in a fun way, but with accurate and novel data. Comic books, humorous cartoons, clear explanations, attractive schemes, literature, anecdotes and gossip, illustrations and amazing images for children, families and teachers to discover and rediscover our past.

Suggested from:
from 9 years old


20 x 28 cm



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