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Flea is a restless kid who lives with his grandmother and his aunt in a small town where everyone knows each other. One morning, in the garden of his house he finds a dog that he had never seen before and soon he realizes that it is different: it is super silent, it does not even say guau! ... Why is that?

They become inseparable friends, Flea and his dog will live an incredible adventure that will become news. And, as the news fly quickly, his fame will reach the neighboring towns; in particular, it will reach the ears of someone who has been looking for his lost dog for months ... Can Flea accept that someone else needs his pet as much as he does?

Andrea Braverman, author of The Navel of the World and Journey to the Sea -published by this same publishing house-, brings us a funny story full of tenderness that will make us remember that in the face of any adversity what really unites us is love, friendship and  family.

Suggested from:
8 years old


14 x 21 cm



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