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Mavi has had to move with her family. Everything is new and different: also at home there have been changes of which she does not want to talk to anyone.

One afternoon, which does not seem different from any other, everything rushes. She has to make several decisions, in seconds, without being able to stop to think. From there the challenge begins, which she must solve alone, in the middle of the cold and the night, without being able to tell anyone what is happening.

She does not know it, but she has many people who love her and are determined to help her, who will gradually discover the clues of her disappearance. The question is: will they arrive on time?

A story by the Uruguayan writer Alicia Escardó Végh who does not give up, in which the ability of a young woman to overcome adversity is put to the test.

Suggested from:
15 years old


14 x 21 cm



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