Do not believe everything I tell you!

Mariela Peña

AR$ 4.500,00

Ambar is a teenager like any other, until the most admired and envied tweeter puts his eyes on her. From this, her followers and popularity in the networks increases minute by minute. But in the world of the popular not everything is real and the only way to continue being herself is through her account in Wattpad, where she can share her writings and her truth, but under another identity.

How long can Ambar maintain appearances? Nobody knows her, nobody knows what happens to her. The secrets and deceptions are a chaos in which it is very easy to get confused and make serious mistakes.

In Do not believe everything I tell you! Mariela Peña opens the doors to the worlds of Ambar, a young woman who alternately travels the realms of truth and lies, connected by the bridges of social networks .

Suggested from: 
14 years old

Theme of the Book: 
Love - Friendship


14 x 21 cm