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Julieta is fourteen years old and has an innate tendency to get into trouble. She has seen something she does not want to tell anyone. But also, from one day to the next, she has to change her life. Her family moves to Madrid, and she has no choice but to accept it, although she does so under protest.

In addition to the fears generated by living in a country that feels so distant and that she knows nothing about, the secret is also carried with her. One day, from the window of his new apartment, she sees a girl who plays the flute. Meeting Maria will be the starting point of several episodes that are as surprising as they are unexpected, that make her suspect everyone and know the dark side of the people around her.

A new novel by the renowned Uruguayan writer Alicia Escardó Végh, author of Mavi, do not give up! published by this same publisher.

Suggested from:
14 years old


14 x 21 cm



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