Imaginary love

Gabriel Korenfeld

AR$ 2.650,00

Pía, being a little girl, was abandoned by her father. To deal with that loss, she creates Lucas: an imaginary friend that grows up with her in Chivilcoy.

When she finishes high school, she goes to live in Buenos Aires, where she shares an apartment with Juana and her boyfriend Fede who get used to the new imaginary friend and the oddness of their new roommate. A new job, starting college like she always dreamed of, new friends... everything seems to go ok for Pia until her relationship with Lucas takes a wild turn. How long can she keep her fantasy world apart from the reality she lives in? What secrets hide behind her father leaving her?

Gabriel Korenfeld, author of the Damned School Saga, brings us this fantastic love story where the real and the imaginary get mixed, leaving us with a basic question: what is to really love someone?

Suggested from: 
15 years old

Theme of the Book: 
Love - Friendship


14 x 21 cm


Theme of the Book: