Don't believe everything you see!

Mariela Peña

Macarena Hernández

AR$ 2.350,00

Mistakes, lies and treason have completly changed Ámbar's universe: being lost in a world of appearances and deceive was a high price to pay and now, it is time to start over and change her path.

With Lola as her worst enemy and without Thiago´s love everything seems to be over. Despite the rumors and the cyber bulllying, Ámbar has two best friends until her destiny is disrupt again: Honey, a follower on Twitter, might be her salvation o a new obstacle in the search for her true self.

In this second part of "Don't believe everything I say!" Mariela Peña takes us even further into Ámbar's world and she shows us how hard can love and friendship be in times of social networks.

Suggested from:
14 years old


14 x 21 cm



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