RIDER 1 - Where it all begins

José Montero

New Motoquero 1 - Donde todo comienza

AR$ 2.300,00

A night like any other Tomás rides through the city on his motorbike until he witnesses a robbery: a motorbiker steals a girl with dark glasses' bag. 

Feeling impotent, he tries to help her and to recover, without success, the belongings of the young woman. This is how Toto and Lula's relationship begins, a relationship that will lead them to share the behind the scenes from the bailanta. While in the underworld of the motoqueros, to which Toto belongs although he does not want to, nothing is as attractive as.It seems in the movies. He will be imprisoned between the extortion of a gangster who will not let him free and the mysteries and secrets of Lula that will only make him sink deeper into a bottomless pit.

The saga of Rider starts at full speed in a first part full of emotion, suspense, love and stories to the limit by the hand of suspense and mystery writer, José Montero.

Suggested from:
15 years old


14 x 21 cm



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